• Excellently developed distribution channels including Amazon
• Low publishing costs
• 20% royalty fee for every sold book
• ISBN belongs to the author
• Print-on-demand method

Publish Your Own Book Directly

• Benefit from increased exposure to your published work
• Broaden your readers beyond the traditional research community
• Earn 20% royalty

What About Selling Your Thesis on Amazon?
Help your child become a published author!

• Spark your child's creativity
• Inspire your child to write and illustrate his/her own hardcover books
• Guide to create personal narratives, poetry anthologies, fiction stories
• Spend time together doing things that are both enjoyable and useful

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About Us


Touch Your Book (TYB) is a New York based company providing consulting services in the field of self-publishing. Self publishing has become very popular specifically in developed countries due to the advancements in printing technologies and Internet. TYB Self-Publishing Consultancy aims to move this  trend to countries such as Turkey that has not met this trend yet.


What is Self-Publishing?

Self publishing is the fastest growing segment of the publishing industry that allows authors to publish their own books without the involvement of an established publisher. Many websites in the United States and other developed countries allow authors to publish their own books directly. Anyone who is proficient in English and has enough technical knowledge about some basic softwares can use these systems easily. TYB Self-Publishing Consultancy, which manages the process in cooperation with Amazon, helps you through all simple steps of creating a quality book, and makes this process easier for you with its experience.


Why should you prefer TYB Self-Publishing Consultancy?

TYB Self-Publishing Consultancy is a platform that assists authors who are planning to publish their own work independently. It offers authors the following advantages:

  • Authors publish their books at very low costs.
  • Books are delivered through excellently developed distribution channels including Amazon.
  • ISBNs belong to the authors.
  • Books are published via Print-on-demand method which is a high quality, innovative and eco-friendly manufacturing method that enables authors to save from printing and storage costs.
  • Books are shaped according to the demands of the authors.
  • The publishing process is extremely fast.
  • The projects are backed by striking cover designs.
  • Authors get 20% royalty fee for every sold book.

Why is it important to recieve consultancy service on self-publishing?

It is important in a few places:

First, self-publishing systems generally require a PayPal subscription to pay royalties to the authors, or an account number in European or American banks. Since TYB Self-Publishing Consultancy is a company based in the USA, it makes it possible to use the systems for non-accountants abroad.

2- On the other hand, copyright royalties paid by Amazon are taxed by the United States. Since TYB Self-Publishing Consultancy is a company operating under the American taxation system, authors will not need to deal with tax transactions separately.


Who can apply to TYB Self-Publishing Consultancy?

  • Academicians who want to broaden their exposure beyond the traditional research community. 
  • Potential authors who have accumulated a lot of work to create the book they have always wanted.
  • Parents who want their children to become a published author.
  • Publishing clubs that are organized to help their members to publish.
  • Private schools that want to support their students' careers.
  • Kindergartens who want to prepare nice memories for their students. 
  • Teachers who want to publish their lecture notes.
  • Teachers who want to help their students write, illustrate and publish their own hardcover books. 
  • Those who want to prepare a unique gift to their loved ones by collecting their feelings into a book. 

In summary, anyone who wants to touch his or her book by embodying his dreams will be able to benefit from the services of TYB Self-Publishing Consultancy. However, it is worth to remind that the methods suggested by TYB Self-Publication Consulting are more suitable for authors who just need a small number of copies.